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Sunday, 4 September 2016

STGCC 2016: UMEtoys x Tanavit 23 introduces JEM, the chubby chibi cat

So I totally got a scoop. Jeremy aka Tanavit23, who released a collaborative figure with SekureD last year, will be dropping this chibi cat/wolf figure at STGCC 2016. Sculpted by none other than UMEtoys, "JEM", which you see all over Jeremy's IG, comes in an extremely limited run of 10. Yes. You read that right. 10.

The monochromatic kitties will split two ways, with 5 going to Jeremy/STGCC and 5 to stay with UMEtoys. Despite being a micro-run, there is a chase but no one knows which part of the globe the beat-up half-skull-faced feline is going to hide! Naturally, I would assume these would have to be sold blindbagged. They are pegged at £45 or $80SGD. Convention peeps, stalk out Ozzo Collections Booth AA81 or Flabslab Booth B19 to complete your adoption papers! Thanks Jeremy for the info!

First posted at Spanky!

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