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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

STGCC 2016 : Notable Phil Noto : All killah no fillah!

Who is Phil Noto? All Killah No Phillah

From his STGCC and his Tumblr page," Your Nice New Outfit", his origins are that he burst onto the covers of Birds of Prey (if you've been reading Birds of Prey since the beginning like me, you'd find his beautiful art reminiscent of movie covers) and its no wonder because he studied illustration at Ringling School of Art and Design (not sure if thats an in-joke) and worked at Walt Disney Animation on numerous movies including, Lion King and Mulan. He started on covers for the Birds of Prey and on to a whole plethora of comics, such as X23, Black Widow, Poe Dameron and much more. He also dabbles in fine art and "large scale gallery paintings and have had solo shows at Bold Hype Galllery NYC, Stranger Factory- Albuquerque, NM ,Secret Headquarters, Los Angeles and Galerie Petits Papiers, Paris." 

i had totally intended to show you some of my favourite covers of his but going through his awesome Tumblr page," Your Nice New Outfit", i decided to showcase some of his pieces from there which are tremendous, especially the ones that he has depicted as his "Hank Pym photo archives" art that resembles vintage photos taken of heroes candidly.

From Phil Noto's Tumblr page 19
From Phil Noto's Tumblr page 21

Bikini Oil on canvas. Phil Noto. 2006

Phil Noto's Tumblr pg 27
Phil Noto : " LEIA SKYWALKER - DARK LORD OF THE SITH - Just a random concept I came up with as opposed to the standard Slave Leia image. That is all :)"

Wonder Woman by Phil Noto


Han Solo cover and Death Star Girl from Phil Noto's tumblr pg 39

Jamie Alexander as X23 by Phil Noto
The Beatles

Amazing art and we hope to see more of the Notable Mr Noto at this year's STGCC 
find out more about him and his art and follow him on twitter, and his Tumblr page," Your Nice New Outfit 

comic weporter 

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