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Friday, 5 August 2016

Agent W and the Suicide Squad

It's been a long time since I wrote movie reviews, at one time, for Sgcollect forums when it was still around, for movies that were offered to the forums and when I had enough clout with the admins to actually go to some indie and foreign movies to write, in a night, sometimes after a couple beers too, since then iI've been too lazy and just letting you peeps get on with your lives, but with Suicide Squad I think I need to right a wrong, or this perception that it sucks, because some smart know it all said it sucked, the best critic is yourself because you know what you like, and you don't need someone to tell you otherwise cough*michelinbull$h!t*cough... onwards with the non spoiler review:

This is a fun, ensemble cast movie, sure the story's been told before, take some seasoned pros, and some badass gimps, throw them into a situation, where it quickly goes south and they don't know wtf happens, they all do stuff (cant swear and say $h!te happens, right ;) they bond, some people actually die, most of them because of in character maulings, and at the end of the day, well, why don't iInot spoil it for you..

Lets talk about things you already know about that I can tell you what i really like about the movie : Will Smith as Deadshot, I was kinda afraid he'd suck, like all weepy and morose in I AM LEGEND, ok sure he was here but theres a reason for it(again if you read comics he's a heartless merc in secret 6 until he's not which is him right here), Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, killed it, if you read comics, this is Dr Quinzel for you, funny, adorable, trying hard to be good, messing up, even a tender moment as she hides some emotion before going back to crazy, Rick Flag, Enchantress, Amanda Waller, Boomerang, Diablo, Katana, gets some moments, some characterisation and humanising parts, quickly sells it for you. Jared Leto as the Joker, FK, I realise I hate the Joker, what a useless piece of douchebag, i hate the all star batman's Mobster Joker, even worse, Jared Leto? he kills it as this douchebag, you totally believe him as that character, he sells it in those short moments on film, I can see a Batfleck Jared Leto/Joker movie already. Sure the story is done before like, Aliens, Commando but as I did not know anything, the protagonist surprised me, so that was good, it was a surprise, shocking that I had not guessed who the protagonist was and the story and characterisation was spot on, so what was bad? The supposed reshoots, the added jokes, the uneven pacing, the 2nd arc? I don't think so, it wasn't horrific, and I LOLed at some of the moments, ok some hiccups and quick turnaround of fortunes but hey it wasn't that bad and not a deal breaker because the cast was having fun and you could see it in the movie.

The bad: just couple hiccups in pacing, and I don't think we needed Batman and Joker in the movie, although Jared Leto was frakkin awesome, (I can see a Batman and Joker face off although I still think Bats should kill Joker already for killing Jason Todd) and sure there were some moments when it felt like an MTV but hey that's been happening since Baz Lurman's Romeo and Juliet, again not a deal breaker. 

Kurtcobain731 recommends this movie if you liked Aliens, Commando, hey it was better than Batman vs Supes because (Squad) was trying to tell 1 story and not stitch 2 stories together, and just like I tell everyone I liked Man of Steel because of the quiet Kansas moments, when you saw the characterisation of the humanity, Suicide Squad had a couple quiet moments which had to quickly make you feel for the characters and it did, the 2 hour movie did not drag and it was fun and it entertained, what's not to like?

comic dude

Major footnote: hey kevin smith likes it...

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