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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

STGCC 2016: Uamou exclusives even though she's not coming!

I broke the news on Spanky and it's time other Japanese vinyl lovers get the green eye monster for a bit. You're looking at Singapore's exclusive metallic range. Who would have thought bronze, silver and gold would go so well together with just a touch of black. There will be a full range - Uamou, Bastard, Real Uamou and the crown of it all, Mask Uamou.

Here's the breakdown of what is going to be available at STGCC:
  • 25 Uamou / $40USD
  • 5 Bastard / $40USD
  • 6 Mask Uamou / $100 USD
  • 2 Real Uamou / $120 USD

What's my first choice? The Mask Uamou for sure. Be ready. Be strong. Be at Booth B19.

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