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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

STGCC 2016: Three ain't always a crowd

Stellina is one of the very first Unicornos and was featured in Series 1 (and also in the upcoming Metallico Seriesand prominently in many of LeSportSac x tokidoki bags. Here, it gets Jason Freeny's withering touch and well, you won't be finding stars and rainbows inside. I'm thinking aloud but who else would want to see the entire Series 1 XXRayed and released blindboxed? No matter how ugly one half the unicorn is, there's nothing like pulling a Prima Donna. Yes. I am obsessed. MightyJaxx. You will find me stalking you. 

Then, there's the Skullhead Samurai by Jon Paul Kaiser X Huck Gee X Pobber.

I can hope for a rainbow version till the cows come home. JPK and his monochromatic philosophy is the bane of my existence. This is undeniably awesome as a Chinese New Year decoration, especially around superstitious veteran mahjong players, but it can only unlock awesomest achievement when it slips into chromatic armour. 

Skullhead Samurai and XXRay Unicorno make their debut at STGCC and will be available either online or at other conventions but it's going to be hard to find all the artists in one location!

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