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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

STGCC 2016: Mighty offerings from Mighty Jaxx

Mighty Jaxx is having a morbid STGCC party with all things skullish and dead. It's time to plan and prioritise your buy list because 2016 is the bumper crop year. Seriously, I have never seen a better drool-worthy selection. It's certainly putting Singapore on the map and hopefully it can catch up to Taipei Toy Festival.

The only way to top Jason Freeny's Micro Anatomic last year is to rainbow-fy it. Everybody knows, for a fact, that if it's rainbow, it's good to go - rainbow churros, rainbow lattes, rainbow handrolls. So I mightily approve of this. In fact, I demand that there be more colours in this! Think big, think pantone colour chart big.

Rainbow Anatomic will be sold in boxes of 3. To get the seventh colour, you have to purchase a set. Who wants half a rainbow anyway?

Also from Jason Freeny are the convention exclusives XXRay Batman and Green Lantern. If you've been collecting the series, these two are must-haves. Limited to 500 onsite, you can get a matching horsie for them.

Next up is the revival of Huck Gee's Gold Life series - a world populated with anthropomorphic samurais and ninjas. First up in the series is Soul Collector (Shadow version), wielding a tinier version of what could easily have been a Cloudbuster from Final Fantasy. How big is this geta-wearing mercenary going to be? Scant details on that but this will be a convention exclusive as well, limited to 500 pieces. 

This. This will be the super exclusive. There's only 50 of  Lauren YS's Skull Girl (Ectoplasm) which comes in a translucent gradient, and though, as many have pointed out, the illustration looks more dynamic, it doesn't lessen its awesomeness. I would get it, if it looks less like a creepy Japanese doll... 

Mighty Jaxx have two more in the line-up but there's zero details on them. I've managed to dig out pictures from their emailer and facebook so hang on tight!

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