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Thursday, 11 August 2016

STGCC 2016: The freshest sashimi on the planet

A food and his money are soon parted but never a Singaporean and his food. We would never abandon food. I dragged a friend to wait in line 150 mins when the one Michelin-starred Hong Kong dim sum restaurant opened an outlet. Our friendship withstood this tribulation but we never went back. Point: food drives us to do crazy things. Financial rationing is a pain at conventions but I would gladly, and shamelessly, tank up on empty calories from the Media Lounge to own Mame Moyashi's Maguro. This tuna is back for revenge and he means business; you can tell from geta (traditional Japanese sandals) it's wearing. Not too sure if geta is still a thing at Tsukiji Market but if someone makes an effort to run you down wearing awkward footwear, you can be sure of a happy ending.

The STGCC exclusive Maguro comes in a disarming pink and will be available at Booth AA81. There is no online sales, not even after the event, so if this colourway is your spirit animal, you would definitely need to enlist a mule.

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