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Saturday, 3 October 2015

It's a different pop

If you were as confused as I was initially and even mistook it for a rebranding exercise, don't; AsiaPOP and Popcorn Asia sell popular culture and that's the end of their similarity. I can't speak for RedDotDiva but I am still reeling from the pop in Manila and this is a pleasant surprise, considering that I'm a comic-con veteran (used loosely to describe someone who has only attending one other convention outside of Singapore) and have a shrivelled geeky heart.

Babo is raring to go at 4am!
Dragging myself out of bed at 3am to hit the airport by 4. Falling victim to the holiday flu on the second day of the convention. Having to eat crickets and pig head in the form of camaro and sisig. The price to ride on the magic carpet which was AsiaPOP is one that I'll gladly pay.

It's one of the two comic cons (the other is in Shanghai) in Asia that boasts a decent Hollywood celebrity line up and I fanboy-ed all over Natalie Emmanuel with great dollops of silence and coerced her to molest Babo. Having said that, I am more than willing to sacrifice the blue ungrateful gunny sack to koala hang from the Khal-esque biceps of Jason Momoa but being two degrees away from dragons is just as awesome

You know Colton Haynes has graced the floor with his pretty face when his harem starts mass convulsing, or when you walk into a wall of flesh that turns out to be his photo-op queue. The warmth and passion of his fans are absolutely, positively and without a doubt terrifying. If I had a death wish, I would have admitted dropping Arrow an episode into Season 2. Adoration is a blind devil.

Finally, there's Paul Bettany with a RBF that can rival Kristen Stewart, and coupling that with the minders' repeated warnings that the guests are inflicted with terminal haphephobia, I entered the photo-op room with an extremely moderated expectation. Turns out he is the quintessential gentleman stuffed with Britishness and, as I discovered later on in the press con, armed with a sharp but courteous wit. This revelation came too late to salvage my stunned like vegetable state of mind and face.

Babo - the main star

AsiaPOP has definitely exploded on my radar (I'm not just impressed by the fireworks!) and the Abu Dhabi leg is coming up. There's a high chance I am seeing camels in Dec! ;)

Follow RedDotDiva's exclusive coverage of the celebrity guests' press con, and if you have not seen the hyperlapse of her journey to AsiaPOP, do so NOW. I'll be writing a piece on my Chris Ryniak and Amanda Spayd encounter and a little something called Bubblegut. Our APCC adventure continues!