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Sunday, 6 September 2015

STGCC 2015 Up and at'em, ATOM HUES!!!!

Who is this Atom Hues and why do I need to gaze at the beautiful art he draws?
If you haven’t realized who is coming, where have you been? Arguably one of the most distinctive comic artists today, Adam Hughes started on Maze Agency and Ghost before moving to Justice League of America.

His beautifully drawn yet portraying the power and strength of Wonder Woman during his cover run is probably one of the greater ones in the history of the Amazonian Princess. There was once a time when Joss Whedon was considering making a WW movie, and the subsequent teaser poster was drawn by none other then AH! Unfairly labeled as a “cheesecake” artist, when asked how he felt about it, he replied with great humour that instead of embracing that title, he’d just give it a warm handshake, if that’s not hilarious, I don’t know what is…

Today his works consist on covers on Fairest, Zatanna, Serenity and many more.
Do check out his book "Cover Run The DC Comics art of Adam Hughes", his AH! official site and FAQs before asking him any questions. (Which we will be in 3 days time!)

wandering weporter 

check out Red Dot Diva for all the lowdown to STGCC in 5 days!

check out Adam Hughes STGCC page follow hi on facebook and Twitter 
and his art on his deviantart page
here are some covers you should get him to scribble on!
His Coffee Table Book with all his great covers from DC
"In her hands she holds a scroll for knowledge and a shield for defense, which is how i envision her warrior ways should be interpreted" Pg 29 Cover Run DC Comics art of Adam Hughes
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Wonder Woman #172 and #173
Wonder Woman #168 and #169
Wonder Woman #164 & #165

Gen 13 Ordinary Heroes

Fairest #1 and Hero 2011
Ghost Tradepaperback and Serenity
Maze Agency #1 and trade paperback
Ghost #1 and JSA Classified #1
Back Issue magazine and JSA Classified #2
Power Girl #1 and #2
Vampirella #2 and Red Sonja

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