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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

STGCC 2015: the totally unbiased SG50 Unicorno review

When it comes to tokidoki, it is best to remember that Singapore is home to some of the most kiasu and kiasi fans in the world and steer clear of their war path. Thankfully, I managed to get my hands on a Unicorno without having a wild encounter with one of those types!

Now, this is exclusively made for STGCC and marked to celebrate our nation's 50th Jubilee just because it can be done.  I've already expressed my opinion on the design so the only records this review is going to break is one of brevity (NOT) and irrelevance. 

There's only 1000 of these and only sold bundled, VIP or daily passes, so it does add to the limited edition-ness and its resale value. eBay has already sold a handful, normally ending around the USD$65 range but most are going to get offloaded for a premium after the signing session this weekend.

The importance of using a light box
I don't hate it but it's not going to be friends with the rest of my collection. It's awkward like that. It might have been cuter if it came in the smaller 3' version but you'll have to settle for 5' of ... this. I'm quite fond of the Merlion which looks like our longkang guppy with its colourful tails fanning out, and I am quite happy ignoring the Unicorno it came with. This Unicorno just feels like it's being watched by our gahmen, ever ready to swoop in at the slightest hint of a riot of colours, so it's allowed a couple of token splashes, restrained and cautious. 

As for QC, the usual smudges and smears that you'll find in the 3' series and at SGD$30, you should not be expecting a Sideshow Collectible showpiece. 

Overall: ★★★ 

Thanks Agent W for the horsie!

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