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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

STGCC 2015: The curse of #simisaialsosg50

Singapore celebrates its 50th year of independence this year, and I would have called it a golden anniversary if not for the red dots that are roaming the island and how I don't feel particularly married to the state. As the patriotic fever comes to a head on 9th August, our National Day, it's important to ground oneself. We've got SG50 bacon, SG50 fishcake, SG50 routers, a guy with a SG50 hairy (or hairless) banner on his head, and way too many to include but if you feel inclined to indulge in random amusement, check out #simisaialsosg50

For those unacquainted with Singlish, it means whatever shit also SG50, and in proper Queen's English, Singapore is the biggest shit that ever happened. 

Admittedly, there are some pretty cool stuff: SG50 Macdonald x Hello KittySingapore's unique spin on the marathon, and the SG50 Lego set which is given free to all public school students. With this limited and exclusive bundle, you can build the iconic Cavenagh Bridge, the Super Trees from Gardens by the Bay and the oppressive Changi Airport. 

Scalpers had a field day when it was first released, getting up to $180 but all the speculative fervour was hosed rapidly when Duck Learning announced that the sets will be available for public purchase. Most sets go for $30-40 now.

And there's this

STGCC has revealed tokidoki's SG50 Unicorno, and fans will certainly snap up the 1000 pieces within the first half of Day 1. It will also be included in the STGCC VIP package which, unfortunately, is not priced at $50 to celebrate our nation's glorious history. 

There's been talk of how sloppy it is but even if it had carried a simpler design of five stars and a moon in place of the merlion, this horsie is going places. I do feel more can be done, and would have loved to sell Simone Legno's signature collage printed on this commemorative piece, reimagined with local flavour. 

Imagine a bowl of laksa or chilli crab being characterised.

Ok. I admit. It's tacky.

We might not find meaning in the imagery that tourists find representative of Singapore. So I would suggest tissue paper,  dragon playground and HDB flats. all animated in his kawaii style, crowding around watching fireworks or doing the Kallang Wave


It's still tacky. You can't win all the time :P

Also, insider news has it that other toy folks will be doing SG50 version of their platforms. I'm not quite sure if my breath is bated.

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