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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Noobie Survival Guide to GameStart 2014 // Issue 2

I'll be hiding in here
So you think you are done after you've completed the survival tips in Issue 1 but you are far from it young Padiwan. There are more to do and certainly more things to grab, provided you are skilled enough!

4. Winning PS4s

He is not your friend
Do your finger warm ups, or start praying for divine blessing, before you tackle The Beast, Daigo Umehara. When you have slayed the mighty SF serpent, you may loot his cave for that extra PS4 you've always wanted. Fortunately for him, and not so much for you, he will be picking random opponents from the floor during the stage event Ultra SF IV Stage Challenge (25th Oct  3 - 3.45pm). It's a 45 minute window so if you're thinking to tire him out with endless challenges, you're out of luck. Your best bet to get picked and distract him is to cross-dress inappropriately with a generous boob window.

Alternative paths to free console glory include button mashing with two Guilty Gear heads for a 3V3 double elimination tournament (Register before 20th Oct HERE!), and the various Bandai Namco games competition (Register HERE!) I am mildly regretting
not having trained for my favourite JoJo Bizarre All Star Adventure. Joseph Joestar. I have failed you.

There is a FIFA Champions Cup but that boat has sailed. A surprisingly robust FIFA community has led to an early closure of registration, way ahead of its 21st Oct deadline!


 5. Lucky Draws

If lifting a finger is too tedious for you, you can sit and win stuff too. That's right, just plop your backside down on the right days and time! To get your shot at winning a PS Vita, attend the Freedom Wars Stage Event on 25th Oct 4.15pm, meet Junichi Yoshizawa of WWS Japan Studio, cross your lazy fingers that you are the lucky 1.25%. Pretty good odds if you ask me, 1 out of 80. Register HERE to book your winning stub (cap at 50 and first come, first served), or if you're feeling like a lucky dog, walk in to grab that stub (cap at 30).

Haul your enormous behind to the stage area on 26th Oct 2pm for a PS4 - Bloodborne Stage Event. Same rules. Register HERE to meet Masayaki Yamigawa talk about the most highly anticipated game for the year. You don't think it is? TOO BAD. :P

Very important people who are holding your console hostage

Last would be the daily lucky draw! Ticket holders are automatically eligible to win an Xbox One (one for each day) but what I am really hoping to score is the CE for Tales of Xillia 2.

All in all, you will get your money's worth if you follow the Noobie Survival Guide to GameStart 2014 // Issue 1 // Issue 2 // Issue 3

Get your tickets to Singapore's premier gaming convention GameStart now!

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