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Friday, 5 September 2014

STGCC 2014 : Starburn review


Starburn #1 Convention Special Cover
Written by Kelly Bender Art by Brian Balondo, Cristian Docolomansky and Laura Lee

Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, (TRUMPETS BLASTING)….   this comic does lead you to familiar places and premises…

Starburn #1 Convention Special 
page 1

It starts with a myriad band of offbeat rogues plotting together, on an old smuggler's vessel to engage in the latest caper for a score, with every character’s journey to this point untold, the resulting score turns out to be an unexpected twist and ends with a big splash just as the story is piqueing one's interest..

Starburn #1 Convention Special 
Panel Art by Brian Balondo, Cristian Docolomansky and Laura Lee

The art by Brian Balondo is fun and energetic, I would have preferred more detailed backgrounds and felt the colouring could do with more depth but  I loved the splash pages and the cliffhanger...(best decribed in the end of this review) leaving you wanting more...

Starburn #1 Convention Special Cover
cropped splash page art by Brian Balondo, Cristian Docolomansky and Laura Lee

The story sounds familiar somehow, it’s a fun ride and well paced and it relates to the many beloved sci-fi stories as its billed to be, which lies both its strength and potential kryptonite. It feels like a universe we know and love and we embrace its story and its explosions, but to stand out from the familiar stories like Star Wars, Star Trek, and even the more recent Firefly, Guardians of the Galaxy comic and movie. Starburn needs to hit warp speed immediately to escape the clutches of the evil empire and before the bounty hunters encase them in carbonite. 

so does it leave me wanting more? that cliffhanger is reminiscent of those old tv series endings, "tune in next week to see what happens..." I'm extremely curious to see how this ends...

Kelly Bender image from his Facebook and Twitter page

i had the good fortune to bump into Kelly, this afternoon with toys-etc, who was super enthusiastic and filled with good old tales of all the conventions he'd gone to (and all the juicy details), he's here all weekend at STGCC at booth AA96, go say hi, hit him for some old tall tales, grab a comic book, take a "bicep" photo contest, i'll be definitely going to get a copy of herebegeeks review and red dot diva's interview with the man.

woving weporter
check on toys-etc and red dot diva for all the goings on this weekend,here's toy-setc's facebook and twitter and red dot diva's facebook and red dot diva's twitter for action as it happens at  STGCC

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