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Monday, 1 September 2014

STGCC 2014 : Olly Olly Oxen Free!! Oliver Coipel is coming to town!

Olly olly oxen free! Olivier Coipel is headed to town!!

Awesome Olivier Coipel!
 image from STGCC Olivier Coipel Guest Page

Bursting forth as one of Marvel’s Young Gun Artists almost a decade ago, Olivier thundered into the 9 realms with a massive flash of lighting in Thor!! (with J Michael Straczynsinski) He then turned the Marvel world on her head, in that famous House of M event, where Brian Michael Bendis and him, (ok it was toys-etc's favourite character, Scarlet Witch) removed a great portion of mutants in the Marvel Universe with that single panel "no more mutants". He then lay “Siege” on another massive Marvel crossover event (with Bendis once more), Olivier changed the status quo of the Asgardian Realm once more, stealing the thunder from, Matt Fraction (another favourite writer of ours who has graced our sunny shores).

"No More Mutants" Scarlet Witch. House of M. Brian Bendis & Olivier Coipel
taken from

In the cosmic world, he also worked with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning on DC's Legion of Super-heroes and Legion Lost.

He was part of Mark Millar’s art crew who broke all records to produce the fastest comic, Superior Kapow! convention special, with Leinil Yu providing the cover. The latest news is he will be drawing Amazing Spider-Man after Humberto Ramos heads over to help on Spider-verse.

Two current Amazing Spider-Man artists under one roof!! What a web of Wim Wenders Wonder!! er Wascally Wabbits! I do believe the crew of STGCC have done it again, it will be awesome!

wascally wabbits we will try to have a word with Olivier during his walkabout here

check on toys-etc and red dot diva for all the goings on this weekend,here's toy-setc's facebook and twitter and red dot diva's facebook and red dot diva's twitter for action as it happens at  STGCC

some recent comics he's drawn

from STGCC , House of M, X-men and Thor

The Mighty Thor #1 with Matt Fraction
                                 The Mighty Thor #2 with Matt Fraction

Uncanny X-Force #1 cover
                      Origins of SIEGE giveaway pamphet

The New Avengers Annual #1 with Brian Bendis.
the wedding of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones
New Avengers #23 with Brian Bendis

Legion Lost Hardcover with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
tune into red dot diva for surprise giveaway
Avengers #481 or #66 with Geoff Johns

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