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Friday, 5 September 2014

STGCC 2014: Media Preview

If something must be said about the Media Preview for STGCC 2014, it would be that it is the start of something awesome. Gone are the stiff chairs and the equally tedious formality, only to be replaced by a casual lounging experience that had the accompaniment of finger food that was not some sad afterthought. It felt cool.

The guests sat around and mingled, and if we felt displaced by unfamiliarity initially, that was quickly replaced by shameless geekines. Evidently, Red Dot Diva led the blaze with her phoenix crown while Agent W and I went behind our lenses and rather promptly at 11.05am, the Preview at The Vault began.

Humberto Ramos, Sekure D, Lenneth XVII and Alex Solis
There was the usual light banter and a couple of questions directed at each of the guests. It was unusually brief followed by an orgy of a selfie moment where again a certain red head appeared again. I swear I do not have an obsession and it's just her super power. 

Almost the Oscars
Mental note to self: Alex Solis is quite the joker. The next segment would have been the round table interview, which has turned out awkward in the past when you get tossed into an unprepared group of interviewers but the stale format is replaced.

The guests did their thing and we could ask questions at any moment, making it so incredibly stress free. I've done my homework so I could concentrate on what's important - the food. There were wedges and tiny burgers and chicken balls.  The sweet momentum meant everything was over in less than 90 mins. If this is truly the preview to a new STGCC, then I'm on board!

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