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Thursday, 4 September 2014

STGCC 2014 Spotlight: The Toy Trail #1

Other than the big names and the big toys from the invited guests, you should ALWAYS wander around the Artist Alley. This year's toy selections are AMAZING and I wouldn't miss it. Here's the first part of what you can expect over the weekend. 

1000Tentacles (AA23)


Word is these babies (seen here previously) have been sold as a set to a collector. They will still be displayed at the booth. Also, they will no longer be one offs. 1000 tentacles will be producing more to meet the demands but I expect differences and variations between future batches and the mastercopies. 

You will also see these 12" anthropomorphised series which they will also be taking pre-orders for.

Booth of Lost Things (AA1)

Designed by Sonny Liew, sculpted by Gary Choo and produced by Mightyjaxx, 100,000 Horsepower is tagged at $120SGD with a run of 50.

Cacooca (AA80)

The Hoodie Panda was supposed to be seated (as seen on the prints included in the super deluxe collectors box that comes with a certificate) and even the production shot seems to suggest that so I'm not too certain what's with the standing pose. Priced at USD$288 and with a run of 100.

Also available would be Panda Classic $105, Panda Hippo (red) $120 (black and gray) $170, Panda Spacesuit $226, Panda Minder $209 and Panda think every night $49. Prices here are in USD.

Caramelaw (AA26)

The $650SGD Kobito has a companion and you can find her highly sought after Blythe dolls up for adoption too. Bag charms, canvas prints, cushion casings. All things cute.

Coolrain Studio (Hands in Factory and Twelvedot) (AA13)

If you don't know APO Frogs, shame on you! Read this first! 2 versions are dropping as planned (Strawberry Banana Split $53USD and Strawberry Banana Split with Choc Fudge $65) (Fudge is referring to the super adorable tiny raincoat!) and there's a third in the picture - black with pink belly! - which I expect to go for $53 as well.

Baby Horn Series 2 will go at $60USD each or $170 for all 3! 

Fluffy House (AA24)

Blogged previously and going at $59.90. You will definitely see the entire roster of happy characters from them.
Little Raindrop $24, Miss Rainbow and Ordinary Bear $39, and Mr Cloud - normal at $42 and gray at $45.

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