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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

STGCC 2014: Spotlight on Scott Tolleson

The Kylie Minogue is strong in her
The moon have regular phases but when it comes to Argyle Advocate Scott Tolleson, it is impossible to predict what is going to pop out of his funbox. It's a strenuous stretch to imagine the person who self-produced the manic bitch of Tricycle Terror is the same cuddly genius behind Nosellots Lyle Bean, Best Plush Design winner in Designer Toy Awards 2012.

Unlike the geometric designs of his favoured pattern, his mind does not follow a blueprint, rippling out in concentric circles of intense spontaneity - except that they ain't really circles, more of an amorphous semblance of one, and that they reverse at times, colliding unapologetically into and trampling over fetal sparks. 

Congratulatory hugs

His stylistic journey takes us through  the lands of monster madness, ruled in stiff seriousness by Doc von Block and the Deadbeet Dastardly Detachment and onto the Elysian grounds of Major Minnow, marching to the clarion call of parade trumpets; he tosses us temporally back to see Otis and Otto, uncomplicated folks who might offer a taste of the next great literary class, and then drags us to the underbelly, to see the Dirty Detention Girls, pin-up ladies of some bosomy repute.

Scott Tolleson somehow manages to keep his job at Disney through all this, continuing his mad experimentation with subject matter, style and material. Visionary or lunatic? We'll decide after the interview!

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