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Monday, 25 August 2014

STGCC 2014: A Quiccs Interview

Quiccs Maiquez blends mecha and pop culture sublimely, adding his flair for grandiose bad-assery (his catchword) and a dash of street art and hip hop to create custom designer toys that screams Bulletpunk, a style that has definitive rebellious motif: the common symbol found on Jolly Rogers - the skull and crossbones.

It's almost impossible to keep track of this guy's timeline but here goes the valiant attempt at dissecting the craziness that dominates his life:

 - Travelled to Global Tiger Translate Festival in Ulan Bator in Mongolia in Aug 2012. This is only significant cause Angry Woebots mentioned that he's heading there for an art thing. I didn't know there's any art thing in Mongolia, so this proves it.
- Started regressing and destroyed walls in March 2013.
- Induction nto The Red Mutuca Studios

- Entered Pirated Eva Unit 01 into Munnymunth 2013 and didn't win. There is no God.
- Selling out his Assault & Batteries at STGCC 2013
- Found time to join Pilipinas Street Plan and take part in relief and rebuilding efforts for Typhoon Haiyan
- Started Hidden Fortress with wall-destroying friends at the end of 2013

But world domination does not stop there. Quiccs found his footing fast in the world of toy designing and released the much coveted Storm King Machine in December 2013, a hulking 20" resin reinforced with fibreglass Trooper mecha thing that you could probably use to clobber the errant burglar with. And because not everyone can afford art, some of us basked in its glory at the recent May the 4th Star Wars event held in Singapore at the Jurong Regional Library.

July saw the release of TEQ63, a DIY platform which was released at this year's Bangkok Comic Con, and it will be the key feature at their Booth AA17 at STGCC 2014.

Me: When it comes to art, it can't necessarily be translated into words. I've tried getting people to explain to me like I'm a 3 year old what is the essence of their art. Some failed. Some rose like a phoenix (but not the way Chonchita did). I've tried unsuccessfully to get a haiku thing going so here's another approach. Draw something that would explain your aesthetics

Quiccs: I did a recent painting that sums up my art's essence. "Ghetto Geppetto" shows my character and the one who creates him (me). My art is a combination of Japanese Robot Anime Franchises, Hip-Hop Music, and the Graffiti Culture and those three can be seen here :) 

Inline image 2  

"My art is that of a dark but fun representation of my influences as a child growing up."

It maybe less serious than the other art styles that embody a social or psychological messages, but I do believe in the notion that art should primarily come out of your own passion and what you feel like doing instead of trying hard to be deep and convey deep messages all the time. Just like in Graffiti, my art doesnt necessarily need to express a deep meaning to it other than my simple love for my passions for the three infuences that i've mentioned earlier :)

Me: How did TEQ63 come about? Does it stand for The Eternal Quicquidlibet 63? I've noticed a number of people who have commented on something that I agree with - what's the story behind the Daft Punkesque look? 

Quiccs: The character is my attempt into combining my art's major infuences - Japanese Robot Anime Franchises, Hip-Hop Music, and the Graffiti Culture. I've picked certain details from these to combine them into a single character, thus coming in the form of the character :)

"The name TEQ 63 is the combination of the words TECHNIQUE and 63, +63 being the area code for my country, the Philippines. So it simply means Technique from the Philippines :)"

Like i said, I have heavy influences on Japanese Robot Anime Franchises, Hip-Hop Music, and the Graffiti Culture. The Daft-punk-sque look might arise from having similar visual influences that i share with them, though I really do like them and their music as well :) 

Me: If TEQ63 chooses to be a superhero (or heroine), who would he be?

Quiccs: I'd have him choose to be a villain, and I'd choose Galactus :D I've always been in awe of the character since the Infinity Gauntlet series. 

Inline image 1
Terrorising planets since 1966

Me: Avengers, Justice League or Guardians of the Galaxy and why.

Quiccs: I guess Guardians of the Galaxy by default :D I've always rooted for the villains ever since. I find that they are the real underdogs to any storyline since they are the ones expected to lose at the end of the day, most of the time :D They seem to have the cooler backstories and designs as well. 

Optional crotch grabbing raccoon

Seeing the three choices you gave me, I do know how much of a bastard, non-hero Rocket Racoon is portrayed in the comic books, so I loosely choose them :) I did enjoy the movie too more than the Avengers, though they are both awesome in my books :)

Me: What is the one thing you would wish to happen or see at STGCC this year?

Quiccs: This is my 3rd time in STGCC, and first to rent an Artist Alley Booth (AA17) for ourselves, and therefore am hoping to do well on our sales hahaha :D Hoping to snag some items from Mighty Jaxx, Aaron Woes, Ink & Clog, and grab great deals from Mike Ozzo :) Also looking forward to meeting all the new indie artists coming over. Outside of the con, Im very much looking forward to and hanging out at the Flab Slab Studio and also painting again with the RSCLS crew before we head home! :)

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