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Saturday, 16 August 2014

STGCC 2014: Pobber annoints the event with 2 convention exclusives!

This handy cheatsheet shows it all: Gary Ham's Sylvan masquerading as an authentic wooden toy but this 9" mischievous bat-imp that never outgrew his boxers is made of pure vinyl. Prankster, the black colourway SDCC exclusive, and Firecracker, STGCC's red exclusive  and if the prices hold, it's available at $70USD.

Another STGCC exclusive would be Scott Tolleson's 1900s pin up girl Bella Lee but if you prefer brunettes, there's Ivy Lee sashaying over from San Diego. Either one would set you back $120USD.

This is the first time Pobber, which is a true blue Singaporean toy manufacturing company since 2009 (that's FIVE years), is boothing at STGCC. Also available at their booths AA76 &78 will be Bad Ass Mecha that could have been the King Kong companion to the girls and JC Rivera's Bear Champ. What's the pulse on this? Keep an eye on the blog as we explore the local reception!

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