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Friday, 15 August 2014

STGCC 2014 :Helpful Hyper Happy Harvey M Tolibao! part 1

Who is Harvey M Tolibao?

Harvey photo from STGCC

STGCC's returning guest Harvey Tolibao

Two of my favourite creators are coming to town for the annual STGCC (Singapore Toy Gaming Comic Convention)(yup its a mouthful but it's our local mouthful and we here are toys3tc(I'm comics3tc!) love it, i do anyway)... Yes, Dashing Dreamy Divine Dr DMack!! Happy Hyper Helpful Harvey M Tolibao!!(ala alliterative adjectives!!)

Yes these guys are some of the reasons why we love our con here, because they're simply just GREAT! but enough fan gushing, let's hype up our hero Harvey...

nothing more to be said but... X-men, landing a gig on X-men, let me digress to some history; when we met freshly hewn Harvey fresh off his gig off Psylocke, his art was beginning to bust out (hmmmmm) in a good way, you know the story, he got his break on a star wars gig, darkhawke, etc Psylocke and then Marvel, Green Arrow and Grimm's Fairy Tales, and Danger Girls. He's still humble as ever.When i pointed out some errors on a sketch recently, he gamely replied saying he's still learning his craft.

latest X-men review fresh off the stands, the art has improved since we last saw it on X-men Legacy, there's boundless energy very much like the man himself, i still think his faces from the side needs a bit of the tweaking, but the rest is really really good, a friend commented it looks like Travis Charest...

last anecdote : one of the artists in the local artjammers group was having a bad day about losing her stuff and i told her Harvey's story about him losing his portfolio, but bouncing back after someone told him, what he lost was some physical stuff, his talent was still there and still in him to continue to make better art... it's an inspiring story and it should be shared and is Harvey's tagline and motto "word hard and continue on, and one day you can work at Marvel... or just making comics just like me"

ladies and gentleman, i give you, X-men artist, father, husband and friend, Harvey M Tolibao!!


Harvey's Deviantart page!

Harvey's Facebook!

X-men #18 just released!

Rachel Summers panel X-men #18
Jubilation Lee panel X-men #18

IDW's Dangel Girl
IDW's Danger Girl

Grimm Fairy Tales Robyn Hood cover
Grimm Fairy Tales Demons cover
Green Arrow #9

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