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Thursday, 28 August 2014

STGCC 2014 : DrDavidMack

its come to my attention that there are persons who don't know who the one we affectionately call the Mack Daddy is, i'm in shock! SHOCK i tell you....

image shamelessly stunned from his Facebook page

the whole reason i didn't write something about David Mack the last time he was here was because i thought everyone knew who he was! long story short, he created, wrote and drew Kabuki (in school), wrote and drew Daredevil, created Echo, did creative work for Captain America : The Winter Soldier, hangs with Thomas Jane, Amanda Palmer, Clark Gregg, :O he's a pop culture renaissance man if i do say so myself, and he recently was featured in an exhibit at Century Guild in Chicago featuring art together with Gustav Klimt and Egon Shiele!

i met the Doctor at last year's STGCC and i have to nominate him as the Creative personality of STGCC 2013 for being a tireless, friendly, giving, generous and overall nice guy! and what works does he have coming out? lots of Kabuki 20th Anniversary items, a new Kabuki story at the recently released Dark Horse Presents #1, a new hardcover art book : Muse, and together with Cameron Stewart,(another guest at this year's STGCC!) the sequel to Fight Club in comics!

Everyone here at Toys-3tc and Red Dot Diva welcomes back our favourite creator, David W Mack! read more as Diva spoke with DMack recently in San Diego

here's some variant cover titbits you may have missed while he was away,

Kick-Ass 3 #3 DMack Cover
The Fox #4 DMack cover

Scarlett #6 DMack cover
Powers Bureau #1 DMack cover

Red Sonja #26 DMack cover
Daredevil #55 written & drawn by DMack
the New Avengers #39 interior art and cover
Alias #21 DMack cover
5 Ronin Psylocke DMack cover
White Tiger #1 DMack cover

remember to pick up the latest Daredevil hardcover written and drawn by him, Mr Brian Michael Bendis and a whole host of artists...

Daredevil End of Days Hardcover

follow him on Facebook and Twitter

wandering weporter 

check out Red Dot Diva for all the lowdown to STGCC in 8 days!

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