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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

STGCC 2014: Hungry Humble and soon to be Humid Humberto Ramos in our Homeland!!

Hungry Humble and soon to be Humid Humberto Ramos in our Homeland!!

image shamelessly stolen from his facebook but it's so cute right!?

check out his recent TV interview on Comic Book Resources at SDCC

Humberto Ramos is the current artist for The Amazing Spider-man (4th iteration) and together with artist, Giuseppe Camuncoli, are taking turns on the book. Humberto Ramos' distinct art can only be summed up as manga-esque with more energy!!

On an impulse :P, he hit San Diego ComiCon and got his art noticed and hitting the ground running on to DC's Impulse and only pausing to dwell on creator owned work before taking the leap to Image comics' Cliffhanger! imprint with J Scott Campbell and Joe Madureira, Humberto got to DV8, Out There, till the end of the recent Amazing Spider-man, up to the climatic final issue #700 where Otto Octavius (Doc Ock) takes over Peter Parker's body, a nasty idea that solicited death threats to Dan Slott, (Amazing's writer), this idea, which was initially eschewed by yours truly, eventually won me over. The following series, Superior Spider-man, with Octavius' evil genius taking over Peter Parker's body and mind became a critical success, and with Spider-man being a bad @$$, made Spider-man more engaging and relatable than ever. One of the reasons for its success, i'm sure, was due to Humberto's expressive art filled with energy and emotion.

One of the steadfast rock steady artists of Marvel's new revolution, the great Mexican artist will, this year, grace our muggy climes during this year's STGCC.
Lets welcome him warmly (it's gonna be hot! Hot! Hot!) Name drop and bring some of his creator owned work and notables for him to autograph and doodle!

Amazing Spider-man #1 (4th & current series)
and issue #4 with new character SILK!! (new 4th series

Amazing Spider-man #700 (climactic conclusion 3rd series)
Humberto Ramos Variant shown here

Spider-island (Daily Bugle giveaway pamphlet)

 the Amazing Spider-man Free Comic Book Day 2011

FairyQuest - creator owned with Paul Jenkins
FairyQuest - creator owned with Paul Jenkins

Revelations - creator owned with Paul Jenkins
Revelations - creator owned with Paul Jenkins

JLA World with Grown Ups -
precursor to Young Justice?
World without Grownups!

 and here's something i bet you haven't heard of
Kookaburra K!! a cute little space sci fi number!

Kookaburra K!!


PS. if you're caught up with the news, Humberto Ramos will be drawing the upcoming SPIDER-VERSE and OLIVIER COIPEL will be helping him on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!!! BOTH of them will be here at STGCC!!!

go check out his facebook page , his write up at STGCC's guest profile , and follow him on twitter!

Don't forget to tune into Red Dot Diva, follow her on facebook and twitter for all the latest news and gossips next weekend at STGCC!!! and maybe even win stuff!!

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