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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Custom Feature: Venetian Carnival by Mijbil

The nightcap peaks out from the floral and feathery flourish, an opulent and exuberant extension of the gilded half-mask. Every single exquisite detail is an expression of the aristocratic might he wields - the gems that silents asserts themselves; the ruff that blooms under a chin of porcelain; the bejeweled shoes that speaks the footfall of the worthy. Discarding the quilted doublet of rich brocade fashion, he favors the sharp crisp contrast of a white shirt, allowing lazily a jewel to spill forth from the billowy froth of fabric. He does not speak of quiet confidence. He simply, is.

                                                                   Artist: Mijbil
                                                                   Facebook: Mijbil Creatures
                                                                   Shop: Storenvy
                                                                   Price: $240
                                                                   Status: Available

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