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Monday, 28 July 2014

STGCC 2014: tokidoki Unicorno Series 3

Simone Legno Unicorno Series 3 STGCC 2014
Insert witty unicorn fart jokes here
We are not going to get all the SDCC offerings but STGCC will certainly see Series 3 of the wildly popular Unicorno character. It was retailed at USD$8 and probably go for SGD$10-12. The cheapskates shouldn't hold back for the last minute clearance sale as these wouldn't last that long. Expected favourites would be Pixie, the rainbow-maned (not Bowie, who's the clown) and another royal member, Lolopessa

Simone Legno Unicorno Series 3 STGCC 2014
Put a crown on it

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