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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Give me that Dragon Boy!

Lumin by Emma SanCartier and Mist Spirit by Jeremiah Ketner
Dragon Boy seems to be the perfect muse that draws out wondrous work from artists. The previous Artist Series, consisting of Mark Nagata, kaNO and returning artists 64 Colors and Jeremiah Ketner, put out what I thought were already super impressive customs but these SDCC exclusives - Lumin and Mist Spirit - saunter right up to that benchmark, ready to give the others a run for their money!

It could be SDCC fever talk but I am crazy over Mist Spirit; the seductive gradation, always teasing but fading before you can grasp it. Between the folds and curves, the colours shift fluidly, before coalescing into a cloak of airy blue.

Lumin and Mist Spirit are available at booth #4530. It will be $450 well spent. 

Astro by Mark Nagata, Early Light by Jeremiah Ketner,  INFRARED by kaNO and Nature of the Beast by 64 Colors

Martin Hsu: Facebook page
Emma SanCartier: Facebook page
Jeremiah Ketner: Facebook page
Dragon Boy: Facebook page

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