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Thursday, 31 July 2014

STGCC 2014: Revenger of the Killer Donut

STGCC 2014 Angry Woebots Killer Donut
Not related to the tomatoes
Can't keep things under wrap. Perhaps it's impossible. Just look at the size of that thing. Joining Frank Kozik would be a Flabslab regular - Angry Woebots. Aaron does not waste any time and reveals the con exclusive. It's a 7" resin that would be handpainted by the panda master himself when he gets here from Mongolia. It should not be too much of a price difference from the Gazer Bust so expect it to be between $200-250 USD.
What I thought it was at initially

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

STGCC 2014: Celebrity Squares

STGCC 2014 Guests Frank Kozik Simone Legno tokidoki Alex Solis

The new wave of guests has just been announced this afternoon and I'm ignoring everyone else so much that in fact, I couldn't fit in seiyuu (voice actor) Tomokazu Sugita of Joseph Joestar fame(!!), and I'm just going to zoom in on the toys guests. Frank Kozik joins tokidoki,who doesn't even need an announcement in the first place, and Alex Solis.

But of course that is not all.
A certain panda is coming to town too.

STGCC Guest Angry Woebots
Almost a ninja

Odd Fauna// Sproutling Den

Emma SanCartier Den
I need a home!
Emma SanCartier, mistress of Odd Fauna and the Lumin Dragon Boy, has only one of these lasercut shadow boxes left. The sproutling, like the many denizens that dwell in the magical woodlands of Odd Fauna, has a natural childlike curiosity weaved into their being. Adoption HERE.

Monday, 28 July 2014

STGCC 2014: tokidoki Unicorno Series 3

Simone Legno Unicorno Series 3 STGCC 2014
Insert witty unicorn fart jokes here
We are not going to get all the SDCC offerings but STGCC will certainly see Series 3 of the wildly popular Unicorno character. It was retailed at USD$8 and probably go for SGD$10-12. The cheapskates shouldn't hold back for the last minute clearance sale as these wouldn't last that long. Expected favourites would be Pixie, the rainbow-maned (not Bowie, who's the clown) and another royal member, Lolopessa

Simone Legno Unicorno Series 3 STGCC 2014
Put a crown on it

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Give me that Dragon Boy!

Lumin by Emma SanCartier and Mist Spirit by Jeremiah Ketner
Dragon Boy seems to be the perfect muse that draws out wondrous work from artists. The previous Artist Series, consisting of Mark Nagata, kaNO and returning artists 64 Colors and Jeremiah Ketner, put out what I thought were already super impressive customs but these SDCC exclusives - Lumin and Mist Spirit - saunter right up to that benchmark, ready to give the others a run for their money!

It could be SDCC fever talk but I am crazy over Mist Spirit; the seductive gradation, always teasing but fading before you can grasp it. Between the folds and curves, the colours shift fluidly, before coalescing into a cloak of airy blue.

Lumin and Mist Spirit are available at booth #4530. It will be $450 well spent. 

Astro by Mark Nagata, Early Light by Jeremiah Ketner,  INFRARED by kaNO and Nature of the Beast by 64 Colors

Martin Hsu: Facebook page
Emma SanCartier: Facebook page
Jeremiah Ketner: Facebook page
Dragon Boy: Facebook page

Monday, 21 July 2014

STGCC 2014: A different apocalypse

Singapore: Raincoats unnecessary
These 5 inch harbingers of doom will be making a splash at STGCC. Catch APO Frogs chilling out at Booth AA13.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

STGCC 2014: Coincidence, I think not

Spotted on FLABSLAB's FB is this not-so-cryptic apocalypse for the wallet.
Scott Tolleson X FLABSLAB X September = Yoda at STGCC

STGCC 2014: The kimokawaii world of Caramelaw

You know you love me.
Usually Kobitos are not unusual creatures, preferring a life not filled with moments running away from human beans. This particular Golden Treaure Kobitos got a little carried away in his quest for yellow comfort and fell, not unhappily, into the twisted paws of Caramelaw and the inner Bieber exploded.

Pirouetting into the Artist Alley at this year's STGCC , this misguided ballerina would be waiting for your $650 loving (might be more as it's still a work in progress!). You can trap him in the custom acrylic case he'll come with.

Private Stash: Gatherer by Infinite Rabbits

Gatherer by Infinite Rabbits

STGCC 2014: tokidoki offerings

I bet my last dollar that STGCC will see Unicorno Series 3.