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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Noobie Survival Guide to GameStart 2014 // Issue 3

A jam-packed morning and early afternoon of frantic scrambling after deals, loot bags and premiums justifies a little pampering - take things down a notch, forget the craziness and just soak in the heady atmosphere of what will be Singapore's best gaming convention.

7. Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals

There's really no humanly possible way to wrest that PS4 from the experienced hands of Daigo, not unless you are one of the other 7 finalists in this year's Capcom Pro Tour, so if you really want the Beast tamed, hang around for the Finals, where your puniness would be validated in their godly display of Ultra Street Figher IV skills.

Xian has already handed my ass back to me during Media Preview so I will hold onto the sad remains of my behind and clap appropriately.

Live streaming available!
Producer Tomoaki Ayano and Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono will be popping by on the 26th so get your Sharpies ready! Places you can get their autographs on: SF video game boxes, arcade sticks or controllers, Instax (stand out and use Rilakkuma ones!)
8. Retro DNA

If you're part of the Pioneer Generation like me, then maybe the original Street Fighter without the fancy advanced techniques and razzle dazzle  might be more up your alley.

Teaming up with Versus City, expect freeplay of the greatest classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the early millenium. This might be the only remote chance you'll come across as being cool, especially when you punch in the fabled passcode of Contra.

If someone puts up Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara, I'm never leaving Hall 403.

9. Cosplay

And no convention is complete without cosplayers. GameStart will see three featured artists - Yuegene Fay (Thailand), Tessie (Singapore) and Yasemine Arslan (Australia) - and host a cosplay competition Game On! Let's just pray sensible kids will not re-enact the 2013 underboob debacle; no Ryuko in shredded uniform!

Share your insane moments on Twitter or Instagram and tag #gamestart2014!!
Noobie Survival Guide to GameStart 2014 // Issue 1 // Issue 2 // Issue 3

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Noobie Survival Guide to GameStart 2014 // Issue 2

I'll be hiding in here
So you think you are done after you've completed the survival tips in Issue 1 but you are far from it young Padiwan. There are more to do and certainly more things to grab, provided you are skilled enough!

4. Winning PS4s

He is not your friend
Do your finger warm ups, or start praying for divine blessing, before you tackle The Beast, Daigo Umehara. When you have slayed the mighty SF serpent, you may loot his cave for that extra PS4 you've always wanted. Fortunately for him, and not so much for you, he will be picking random opponents from the floor during the stage event Ultra SF IV Stage Challenge (25th Oct  3 - 3.45pm). It's a 45 minute window so if you're thinking to tire him out with endless challenges, you're out of luck. Your best bet to get picked and distract him is to cross-dress inappropriately with a generous boob window.

Alternative paths to free console glory include button mashing with two Guilty Gear heads for a 3V3 double elimination tournament (Register before 20th Oct HERE!), and the various Bandai Namco games competition (Register HERE!) I am mildly regretting
not having trained for my favourite JoJo Bizarre All Star Adventure. Joseph Joestar. I have failed you.

There is a FIFA Champions Cup but that boat has sailed. A surprisingly robust FIFA community has led to an early closure of registration, way ahead of its 21st Oct deadline!


 5. Lucky Draws

If lifting a finger is too tedious for you, you can sit and win stuff too. That's right, just plop your backside down on the right days and time! To get your shot at winning a PS Vita, attend the Freedom Wars Stage Event on 25th Oct 4.15pm, meet Junichi Yoshizawa of WWS Japan Studio, cross your lazy fingers that you are the lucky 1.25%. Pretty good odds if you ask me, 1 out of 80. Register HERE to book your winning stub (cap at 50 and first come, first served), or if you're feeling like a lucky dog, walk in to grab that stub (cap at 30).

Haul your enormous behind to the stage area on 26th Oct 2pm for a PS4 - Bloodborne Stage Event. Same rules. Register HERE to meet Masayaki Yamigawa talk about the most highly anticipated game for the year. You don't think it is? TOO BAD. :P

Very important people who are holding your console hostage

Last would be the daily lucky draw! Ticket holders are automatically eligible to win an Xbox One (one for each day) but what I am really hoping to score is the CE for Tales of Xillia 2.

All in all, you will get your money's worth if you follow the Noobie Survival Guide to GameStart 2014 // Issue 1 // Issue 2 // Issue 3

Get your tickets to Singapore's premier gaming convention GameStart now!

Friday, 3 October 2014

The Noobie Survival Guide to GameStart 2014 // Issue 1

In 22 days, GameStart 2014 will be upon us. This is a quick and handy guide to the year's one and only dedicated gaming convention. Move quick, move smart for the hordes will be upon you before you can scream, "Khaaaan!"

1. Minions
Everyone knows the value of a helping hand or in this case, a helping butt. There is no way you can attend GameStart all fresh and pretty if you are camping 48 hours for that Playstation deal. How awesome is it? Mighty awesome. 

The first three customers to purchase the console will receive a 3 year Playstation Plus Membership, a Sony Xperia Z3 and a tee. No one really cares about the tee at this point but I'm willing to sacrifice my wardrobe, should anyone truly finds it cumbersome.

Anti-social has never looked this good
Just think about it. $43.90 annual membership coupled with a $998 free phone, so that means you're getting $1129.70 of free stuff when you buy a $639 console! The Z3 is the latest Sony phone and comes with a Remote Play function. The toilet, the bathtub, under the sheets - the places where you can continue raining havoc and anarchy upon your enemies are endless. 

Despite being a national pastime, no one truly enjoys what should have been an Olympic sporting event so your best bet is to plop a yellow butt outside the convention hall on the 23rd. It doesn't have to be yellow. Hire anyone you fancy though I would recommend impeccable bladder control as the numero uno criteria.

The next 10 customers will get a uniquely designed Toro HDD cover, because nothing cheers up losers more than an insanely happy cat, and that dreaded tee. The following 50 will get ... make a smart guess people! These, unlike the super deal, are offered on a daily basis.

p/s: You can get a $100 discount if you trade in your old console.

2. Grab the freebies

There's a #0000 Battlefield 2142 CE up for grabs!
So congratulations, assuming you have just become the target of 20000 pairs of green eyes as you swagger into the halls but complacency is your enemy. This is where noobs falter. Pick up your swords, or shopping bags, and run to:

Hall Ushers
  • Random loot bag (first 300 daily). Expect limited edition tees, games, posters and gaming paraphernalia. What you cannot see from the picture are 14-Day PlayStation Plus subscriptions, Squad Starter Pack codes for Ghost Recon Phantoms (worth S$20), discount vouchers, Hearthstone card pack codes and exclusive beta invites to World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor!

Blizzard Entertainment:
  • beta keys for Warlords of Draenor
  • codes for Hearthstone card packs
  • Bloodborne tee 
  • DRIVECLUB tote bag
  • Freedom Wars screen clearner 
The Evil Within
  • Ice pack
Some of the freebie/premium would require you to complete a task. Want multiples but don't want to come across as a cheapo (which you are)? Send your minions.

Train for that Bloodborne premium now

3. Play until die
The most exciting news to be unveiled at the Media Preview was the unexpectedly large showcase of games. Including the previously announced featured games, there is a total of 37 hands-on preview at Gamestart, many of which had tantalized the absentees of Tokyo Game Show.

BloodborneBorderlands: the pre-sequelBorderlands: the pre-sequelDanganronpa 2: goodbye despairDiablo III Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
DRIVECLUBDragon Ball XenoverseEVOLVEFar Cry 4Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
FIFA 15Freedom WarsGuilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-God Eater 2 Rage BurstHatsune Miku - Project DIVA F 2nd
Hearthstone: Heroes of WarcraftJust Dance 2015Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD RemixLittleBigPlanet 3LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
MinecraftMiddle-earth: Shadow over MordorNBA 2K15Project CARSResident Evil Revelations 2
Sleeping Dogs HDTales of Hearts RThe Evil WithinThe Last of Us RemasteredTHE LEGEND OF HEROES SEN NO KISEKI I
The Order 1886Until DawnUltra Street Fighter 4Warriors Orochi 3: UltimateWorld of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor
Winning Eleven 2015WWE 2K15

This is the heart and soul of the convention and the sole reason of your existence. These playable demos give you a glimpse of the unreleased games. Yea, there's a couple of recently released ones but that only means you can hog the full games! 

My recommendation (other than Bloodborne) would be Dragon Ball Xenoverse or DBXV. Fans of the anime and manga classic would not simply relive the history, they would be a part of it through Avatar, a completely customisable character. Tired of being an Earthling or Saiyan? Be different and choose Majin or Namekian and take on Vegeta and other infamous villains in legendary battles!

DBXV will release in March 2015.

You have not bought your GameStart tickets yet? Grab them here!
Noobie Survival Guide to GameStart 2014 // Issue 1 // Issue 2 // Issue 3

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

GameStart 2014 in three weeks!

It's impossible to get into E3 without a professional connection to the industry, Gamescom is a 13 hour pilgrimage away, and the closest, being Tokyo Game Show and PAX Aus, will still make a small dent in your pocket. Ain't nobody got money for that!

Elicia Lee and her new start-up, Eliphant, will be staging the solution come 25th and 26th October: Singapore will be home to GameStart, a convention that focuses on the massive gaming culture.

The abysmal failure of Licence2Play has left quite a handicap but her raging passion must have stirred something in the executive hearts at Sony Computer Entertainment Asia. With a strong show of 200sqm of booth space support, they will be coming in with a showcase of upcoming titles for both PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita, including DRIVECLUB™, LittleBigPlanet3 and FREEDOM WARS™.

She has even managed to persuade Bandai Namco Games, which was last seen at L2P 2012, to return to the local convention scene. With an arsenal of video game franchises, ranging from PAC-MAN™, Tekken™, SOULCALIBUR™, NARUTO™, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™, Dragon Ball®, to ACE COMBAT™, GameStart will be making an explosive debut. I'm betting my firstborn on Dragon Ball® Xenoverse!

I'm a huge huge huge fan of mobile gaming and I have folders of free to play and paid games so I'm pretty stoked to see game developement studios Boomzap Entertainment, Inzen Studio and Witching Hour Studios though I might be guiltily giving Witching Hour Studios a wide berth; I have yet to launch Ravenmark even once!

Also, Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals will see winners from China, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore battle it out with their favourite Street Fighter at Gamestart. This clip was chosen because the commentator is hilarious. Wait for his YOLO uppercuts. Fans of Daigo will be pleased.

The full game lineup will be announced tomorrow during media preview! Follow me on Twitter for live updates!

RSVP to the Facebook event and get your tickets!!

Monday, 29 September 2014

STGCC 2014 Recap: 3 good things

So, I've been sitting on this for a long while, probably years since I ain't that huge on recapping and every time STGCC is over, I would stash these mental Post-its into a KIV archive that is as good as trashing them. Not this year though, and the impetus is what I perceive as the convention's maturation.

Straddling the East and West concept, fans who had expected an explosion of anime/manga infused event often left with lingering trails of disappointment and bitterness, and what do people who felt like they had been crapped upon do a lot? They whine, a tremendous amount; online, on forums, on facebook, on twitter. Cry me a river, people.

So, my number one good thing about STGCC 2014 is:

(1) An identity

Still not getting it

Taking a page from the wisdom of Singapore Police Force, less whining doesn't mean no whining. Though most folks know the differences and the overlapping regions between AFA and STGCC, there's always a few outstanding ones who have adopted martyrdom (masochism).  And they keep wringing over the same point. Get on with the programme! If you're looking for anime/manga merchandise or exclusives, you're at the wrong event. STGCC caters to the designer, vinyl and 1/6 toy collectors. STGCC gets Marvel in. STGCC will have at least one seiyu and a DJ night. These are the three main focus.

STGCC has finally forged an identity, one that celebrates pop culture, but it'll still be a while before it gets hammered through the thickest of skulls. STGCC is not AFA. You can do your part by whittling the grumbling down with your uncaring face. 

(2) Returning guests

Joe Ledbetter came to town in 2009 (the second year when it was still STCC) and swore off returning. I don't know if this is true but it has been passed around a bit and it's a great lead on into my second point. With the exception of almost-a-hunksome-mascot Simone Legno, we have two returning guests from 2013 - kabuki superstar David Mack and panda overlord Aaron Martin - who are back for Singapore loving or chilli crab. The man who draws perfect curves on Psylockes, Harvey Tolibao, is back too, a blast from 2011 when he had a STGCC Captain America variant and for a moment, it went for some crazy 3 digit figure on eBay.

Returning guests is a sign of a healthy convention but given the comparatively smaller scale, striking a balance between perennial favourites and refreshing diversity is critical. That said, it would be nice to see David in 2015.

 (3) Vibrant Artist Alley and Exhibitor Area

These folks must have been to the same lame convention that this guy was at. It's like they stepped through a portal and entered an alternate universe of boring. 

Let's look at what's available:
Angry Woebots - Killer Donut
Frank Kozik - Bird is the word, Rocket Raccoon Labbit, Hateball, Heathrows, Mr Blackwater, Clockwork Orange
Alex Solis - Chunky Knight, artbook
Simone Legno - Unicorno Series 3

On top of the toy guests, there were other toy exhibitors and artists: Collectives Genesis, MightyJaxx, Pobber, Instinctoy, Hidden Fortress, Firestarter Design, littleoddforest, Monster Little, PBK, Daniel Yu, 1000Tentacles, Booth of lost things, Cacooca, Caramelaw, Hands in Factory, Twelvedot, Fluffy House, Damtoys, Roomism, D'creativeaholic, Collective Kush Kush and Mari, Ink and Clog Studio, skl0 and of course, the 1/6 and high end collectible dudes.

The comic peeps have prints, originals, books and even accept commissions. There's even Ichiban Kuji (of which I'm guilty of blowing around $80 on) to satisfy the whiners. If anything, there was too much stuff and too little money. Clearly, if you hang around the CSC retailers, that is all you will see. 

So this wraps up what I think is an awesome STGCC. I will be covering Gamestart in a couple of weeks with Agent W and a new partner!

Friday, 5 September 2014

STGCC 2014 : Lots of Prints!!

urgh time and tide waits for no man... but we'll always have prints...

this year GnB comics will be bringing together a whole slew of talent for their booth with giveaways, prints signings, i've heard it will be Lefty Julian, Alan Quah , Ario Anindito , Rey Villegas , Gary Choo and Sheldon Goh but i leave the discovering to you, here are some prints...

Batman by  Ario Anindito

Kaktus by Lefty Julian
Spider-Woman by Soefara Jafney Jaafar
warrior women by Lefty Julian

Gotham Royal Flush by Noval N. Hernawan: The Art Page

Shawn Yap will be in town with 8Bit Media with the following prints

 Shawn Yap

"This year's STGCC theme for me is "Believe in the Dream" and It's special because I'll be selling not just Prints, but also a limited edition Print-book called "Bubble Pop!", which collects 5 of my newest works (including 3 brand-new art pieces and special "Easter Egg" collectibles specially for this collection)

Print-wise I'll be selling some of the more recent art prints I've released, plus the newest Batgirl piece exclusively for STGCC 2014 - "Justice, Totally." So check them out! So come visit me at Booth C36 & D35"

To see the rest of his works, you can check them out at:

Kelvin Chan a.k.a. Rocketraygun needs no introduction, this year he's exhibiting at Artist Alley booth AA6 with Kinetiquettes with their exclusive statue for pre-order but there will be number of prints available from him 

go check out his deviant page for his art

one of our invited guests is a firm favourite here and he seems to be previewing lots of prints, i'll show a few that he has shown us, he is our Harvey M Tolibao from HMT studios.

oh my get your wallets ready as we havent even managed to check out those by David Mack , Humberto Ramos, Artgerm and many more...

ok catch yall later

check on toys-etc and red dot diva for all the goings on this weekend,here's toy-setc's facebook and twitter and red dot diva's facebook and red dot diva's twitter for action as it happens at  STGCC